Monday, October 11, 2010

Kelli doesn't like it so big anymore

Great time at Disneyland. Photos to follow...sometime this week. I have them all on my Macbook Pro...which is in Texas. I am in New York with my netbook.

Great time in Disneyland. We met up with my Sister in law Jami, her girlfriend Kelly and my niece Haley. Lots of walking but we had fun. My niece Haley has finally warmed up to me. Just took 3 years. Likely helps that she see's me every few months.

We all shared a hotel room. Close enough to walk to Disneyland. We ate really fatty foods the entire time. My sister in law Jami did her normal "I'm going to eat healthy" routine. She starts well...and means well. Jami exercises regularly and likely eats healthy most of the time. She's way more fit than I am. Every vacation though her dieting last just a few hours. I always laugh at her. Maybe next time she will stick to her guns.....nah.

Disneyland has a great system in place for parents with kids who aren't able to ride certain rides. One parent waits in line or uses a fast pass and rides the ride. The other parent hangs out with the kid. Then the parents swap. The parent who waited enters the fast pass lane and goes to the front of the line. Simple and fast.

Natali had her own seat on the flight there. Not so lucky on the way back as I held her in my arms. We can hold her until she's 2. After that she needs her own seat. Could get tricky traveling on fuller flights when she is older than 2.

Reading on the Kindle is 10X more enjoyable than the Ipad. Kelli is slightly jealous of my Kindle. Mine is the "small" Kindle which fits in my pants pocket....or her purse. Kelli has the "big" Kindle DX. I mentioned she could give her Kindle DX to her mom and buy a new one (I bought the base $139 version). Of course her mom might not want the big Kindle DX either. Hmmm.

Next trip is Vegas. Until then I'm going to see Minneapolis a few times, Atlanta Georgia, Toronto, Canada and Raliegh Durham.

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