Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Walking in kilometers

Living in the hotel is bearable. I am getting more studying done than if I was home.

I have been asking around. Looks like I will be able to list my mother in law on my travel benefits where my mom would normally go. What's the difference? Well if I can list my mother in law as a D2 (where my mother would go) versus a D3 (where my mother in law would normally go) she would get higher priority boarding and much cheaper tickets. DFW to PDX roundtrip would be 1/20th the cost as a D2 versus D3.

I am surprised that Kelli is keeping up her website, .

The higher gas prices are influencing me not to get a FJ Cruiser next year. Still not sure which way I will go.

No news on the baby front.

I am exercising almost daily.....twice this week since Monday. I am doing 30 minutes right now. Might bump it up. One annoying thing....damn treadmill here reads out in kilometers!

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