Thursday, November 1, 2007

Pirate Darren?

So I was watching TV Wednesday night and my left eye started annoying me. I thought it was just the contact being itchy. I took the contact out. The annoyance continued. Thursday morning my eye was really itchy and red. Bad. I bought some anti-redness drops and headed to American Eagle. Crazy long day. My eye got worse and worse. I soon realized I had a scratched cornea. I called my eye doctor to make an appointment. I then got a call back stating I needed to call my primary physician to get a referral. No biggie right? Well I called. Nope. They wanted me to come in first. I have one eye! So Kelli drives me. He looks at it...thinks he sees the abrasion and gives me a make shift patch and some anti-biotic ointment. So eye'd Darren for a day or two.


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