Sunday, November 11, 2007


So we got this thing in the mail touting the new semi-fiber optic TV option in our area from AT&T. It's called Uverse. Looks cheaper and better. I just gotta make 100% sure we can keep Vonage and we won't have to sign up for their phone system. More info here  I will have to keep looking up info and schedule the install for some weekend day when I know I will be here.

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  1. My boss had uverse for about 3 months and went back to time warner. Vonage did work fine on uverse, but he was not impressed with the HD. He said the quality was not as good (he said you could really tell watching a sports game.) He also said that the Internet piece was not as good either. There seemed to be a delay in DNS resolution so when you went to a website for the first time it would take a sec for the page to load. He had the 10MB package but could only get 6MB down. Also, the television package currently only lets you stream 1 HD channel to the house at a time. Meaning that if you have 2 HD televisions, you can only watch HD on one at a time.