Monday, November 5, 2007

New Camera

Since I lost the old camera...I had to buy a new one. I did several hours of research before I bought one. I decided on a Fuji FinePix 8.2 MP camera from Best Buy. The price is good $139 and has the features I wanted.  So I thought. I used the movie function of our last camera quite a few times. It recorded at 640x480 at 30 frames per second. The new camera will only do 320x240 at 30 frames per second. Not acceptable. I haven't opened it yet and will return it. I am still looking into either a newer version of our old camera or a Sony DSC-W55.

Below is the current Fuji Camera...that's probably going back...I like the form factor and button placement though.


Next is the Sony camera....which has the biggest fault of expensive memory cards.

sony1.jpg sony2.jpg

Finally the new version of the camera I lost.

Milk expiration dates. I was always taught to trust them. No more! Yesterday I had a bowl of cereal (Fiber One Honey Clusters) and used milk that was set to expire today. Well with my first bite I gagged. The stamp lied!

We ate lunch with Eric and Angela at Stratos yesterday. Awesomely fattening greek food.

I had seen 3 babies in 3 days. All quite. None fat. Ours will be doomed.

Time for work.

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