Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So I have a lot of clothes. A lot of clothes. It comes from my dad. My dad has every t-shirt he has bought, been given or acquired since I was born. I'm not kidding. His pants are a similar story. I went home after class to get my paycheck and the mail. Kelli was on a rant about how many pairs of pants I have. How many? Well there were 25 pair of pants there. Including what I have in the hotel brings it up to about 30 pair. Not including about 13 pair of shorts. Excessive ? Eh. They range in sizes as do I throughout the year. She wants me to get rid of some. I gave her one pair that I bought that were a smidge too short. Not good enough. Is it my fault I am a fashion geek ?

My uniform came in yesterday....but I didn't get it. The pickup time was during a period that I was still in class. I hope to get it today.

I went to Hooters last night with the other CRJ pilots. There was a little boy...about 8...who was celebrating a birthday. We all chipped in and bought him a Hooters 2008 calendar. Made his night.

I think my car is going to need brakes and tires soon.

Monday night my laptop would not connect to the hotel wireless. Reboots...turning it on and off did nothing. I thought the wireless was down. My roommate and my cell phone connected fine. Tuesday evening and right now it is working fine.

Time for school.

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