Sunday, November 25, 2007

All Gone

The inlaws are almost all gone. Mother in law and Father in law are the last to leave. Good times. I am going back to the hotel today. I have an oral tomorrow.

I reinstalled Windows on Kelli desktop. She has been getting errors for a while. She rarely uses the computer as she uses her laptop most. Well I figured I would upgrade her to Vista. I used the File and Transfer Settings Wizard of XP to backup all her stuff. I figured Vista would surely support that export format. I wiped the hard drive clean and then installed Vista. She doesn't have a DVD drive on that computer so I had to remove mine and install it in an external unit. The Vista install went fine. I then went to import her files and settings. NOT SUPPORTED!! WTF?!?!? How can the File and Transfer Settings Wizard from the previous version of Windows not be supported in the next??? One would likely use the Wizard to backup stuff to go from XP to Vista! I had to wipe the drive clean, reinstall XP, import that Files and Settings, then re-export using the Vista Wizard then install Vista. Actually since it was a clean version of XP I had to reinstall service pack 2 first, then import. By this point I was pissy. I just upgraded XP to Vista rather than do a clean install. All is well now.

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