Monday, October 22, 2007

Return to Lubbock

I haven't been in Lubbock since May 1996. A long time. Well a long time ended last night. I flew to Lubbock with a student on a crew training flight. The flight out there was interesting. We flew across a front which caused a severe pressure/temp change along with a good dose of turbulence and wind change. The turbulence was enough to throw us into the roof a few times as well twist the plane every which way. I was smiling. I enjoy makes flying interesting. The approach to the runway was fun as well. The wind was blowing from the right at 23 MPH gusting to over 30 MPH. Our airspeed indicated 100 knots while our ground speed was only 60 knots. Yeah. We were coming in almost sideways. Crazy. The air was cold as we opened the warmed cockpit.

On the way back to Arlingotn we hit more turbulence, high winds, steady rain and clouds. The temprature was near freezing at 9000 feet so we kicked on the pitot heat (heats up the tube that we use for airspeed indications) and the heater ever higher. We were in the clouds for over an hour

I do the same flight tonight.

Three more days and I am done at ATP. Gonna miss my students the most. All of them have been fun. I still keep in touch with Version 1.0, 2.0 and of course 3.0. I am sure the communication will continue....hopefully for the rest of our careers.

I figured out how to post my video...which is only working in Firefox and not Internet Explorer...If you see a empty box below click this link . My ATP video.

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