Sunday, October 28, 2007

Good weekend

We had a very fun party Friday night. I would love to post photos....but some waitress at Dennys stole my camera. Well I did leave it behind....but when I returned early Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening no one turned it in. Nice. I will have to ask one of my students to email the photo we all took together.

Sunday Kelli and I went up for the first time in a "little" airplane together. We flew from Grand Prarie to Stephenville. I would have liked to have left from Arlington....but Grand Prarie is only 5 miles east. Bleh. The weather was, low winds and good visibility. I let Kelli take to controls a few times. She did very well only straying a few feet off altitude and a few degrees off heading. My landing in Stephenville was a 9...almost perfect. Kelli thought it was nice. I am pickier.

We each had a very good lunch. Part of the fun of Stephenville is being able to hop in the golf carts and drive to the resturant. Kelli thought it was odd that we could just take one without telling anyone. Heading back to Grand Prarie I let Kelli fly a little more. She did very well again. My landing back in Grand Prarie was a 9 again. Smooth...but I had a double bounce....a very slight bounce....but again Kelli didn't notice.

Kelli and I flying together for the first time!

Getting Ready to depart Stephenville

So from here on out I will be updating four different websites. Do I need four websites ? Absolutely..................

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