Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Last flight

I flew the Seminole for what I bet was my last flight last night. I flew to Lubbock again. This time it was much smoother air. On the return flight we got back early so we took turns landing. I made two really nice greasers. I touched down on the main wheels first and then slowly let the nose down. Awesome. My last landing was filmed by my student. I will post it later, but it was not smooth. I was making a short field landing and well...it was firm. Bleh.

Below is a photo of my last flight. James Webster is to the right. He is an awesome guy....even if he is a crazy liberal democrat.

Last Flight

I go in today just for some paperwork. I might stick around for a little while. Tomorrow....who knows. I am not sad right now. Hasn't really sunk in. I don't think it will until Thursday morning....when I don't wake up and go to the airport. Oh wait....I am going Thursday to get checked out in a plane so I can fly Kelli around Sunday. Hmm...then Friday it will sink in. Bleh.

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