Friday, October 19, 2007


Credit card companies are so damn greedy. I signed up for paperless bills. I was 1 day late paying off my balance on a card...and they charged me $39! I have never been late before. I am going to cancel paperless statements on all my cards AFTER I cancel with the company in hand. I called them and very nicely asked for a refund. They refused! This is my "Drivers Edge" card that I get rebates back for car related purchases. The rebates go toward my next car. Hmmm maybe I will just not use the card anymore until I get my next card. Citibank you're evil!

I don't get some of my fellow flight instructors. They are putting their own lives and outside activities ahead of students. I do the opposite. My job is to teach students to fly.  I do whatever it takes to get the job done. I don't schedule students training around my partying or going out with friends. Lot's of other instructors do though. One I know has rushed students through training that normally takes 3 days into just one day. What does the student really learn? Nothing. I promised a student weeks ago that I would fly with him after his instrument check ride and that I would do his crew training. Another instructor wants me to fly with another student instead so they can go out this weekend. They said, " you get $100 either way what does it matter?" That really pissed me off.  I don't think they love teaching. I really do.

What's on the board today? Well I am going in around 10 or so to start the crew training. That's about it. Tomorrow is the Alliance Air show. Sunday is Sunday. Next week is my last week. Then off to American Eagle.

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