Thursday, October 18, 2007

Finally took the check ride

So the two students I trained finally took their check rides Wednesday. They were supposed to go Monday. Thankfully they both passed. They are both very good pilots. One of them was my Version 2.0 student. What's next? Well I only have 6 days left. I am going to provide crew training for one student...maybe two. Then I hope to fly with Joe for his commercial multi-engine check ride...then that's it.

The new look. I am not married to this layout 100%. Expect to see small changes over time. I do like how my Flickr photos show up in the bottom right hand corner and will be updated as I take new photos. One thing I don't like about the log in link. I have to jump through hoops to log in. I am sure it's an easy PHP thing......but I don't know PHP.....I know HTML! I remember writing in HTML way back in 1995. Crazy. It's still the defacto standard for web pages.

Saturday is the Alliance air show. I have organized a few students and instructors to go. Should be fun. Kelli is NOT invited. She was waaaaay bored last year. I plan on staying all day this year.

I slept in today. I am going in at 10 AM. I have gone in at 6 AM for the last 4 days. Yuck!

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  1. I like the new format. It's easier to leave comments when you say stupid stuff about me! :)