Friday, October 26, 2007

Plastic Chairs...not available

So yesterday I flew the Skyhawk for the first time in 5 months. Yeah. I went to Aviator Air ( to get checked out so I can rent a plane to fly Kelli and myself to Stephenville for BBQ on Sunday. I can also rent a plane whenever my heart desires. The Skyhawk is such a simple plane. So much slower than the Seminole. Thankfully the winds were right down the runway, even if they were gusy, so my take off was smooth. My first landing was a 7. I was on centerline, but a little bumpy. My second was much better, bounced the third, and but the next two were nice. Aviator air only charges for air time...not "on time" ATP. What's the difference? Well at ATP the student is "charged" from the moment the battery master switch is turned on. This can easily add 20-30 minutes to the flight due to start up, taxi, runup, waiting for takeoff and then taxi back after landing. It's legal according to the FAA....just kinda unfair to the student. Aviator air only charges for air time. The flight to Stephenville will only take 45 minutes or so air time while total time will be an hour. The cost will be much less than I estimated. The cost to get checked out was only $75. I paid for 1/2 an hour or air time plus 1/2 an hour of instructor time.

We want some simple plastic outdoor chairs. Ya know the ones everyone has....$5 or so a piece. We went to Garden Ridge Pottery, Big Lots and Home luck! WTF!?!?! We are having a small get together tonight and we have no outdoor chairs. I am gonna swing by Wal-Mart this morning and check there as well.

Sunday is going to be a busy day. Sunday morning we are going to fly to Stephenville at 11 AM, returning around 2PM. I then check in to my hotel for training. Then take Kelli to the airport as she is going to Los Angeles to testify Monday. I will then check in to the hotel and stay at least the first night.

Today.....I have request to clean my office, the living room, Kellis desk and....I think that's it.

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