Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Your true colors are shining through

I just dusted off my soap's been sitting in the corner for a while.

I have a pretty sweet deal going on with Kelli. We have a house, decent cars, our bills are paid, and we have a great daughter. I've said it before and Kelli will whole heartedly agree it hasn't been easy.

We did things a little out of order by moving in with each other almost instantly (3 months), buying a house and THEN getting married. It has worked out.

There is a member of my family , a man, currently going through a divorce. One party has been showing their true colors lately. Basically how ugly they really are.

Throughout my past relationships I've never been ugly to the other person. Even when my college girlfriend grabbed my dreadlocks and tried to cut them off with scissors, I was never ugly. She DESTROYED my dorm room. Cops were called, she replaced everything and we went our separate ways. We are friends today.

This family member is taking it well. He is just going with the flow. His soon to be ex-wife is being a really nasty person. I don't understand how someone who once was allegedly in love with someone enough to have two kids can be so downright ugly. She has not had to be financially responsible for anything for years. Everything has been paid for by my bother in law or my mother in law. Everything. He's been paying her cell phone bills and more even after they split up...before any legal paperwork. My nieces no matter how young can pick up on it.

My brother in law is an incredibly patient man...everyone on Kelli's side of the family is patient and easy going.

Soapbox down...for now.


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