Saturday, August 6, 2011

A lot of traveling

I travel a lot...yeah I know its my job, but sometimes I feel like I never stop moving.

Last Sunday I woke up in Phoenix, flew some folks to Los Angeles, rode as a passenger to Dallas, went home, packed then flew as a passenger to Newark and went to bed in Highland Mills, New York (an hour northwest of New York City). All in one day. I went over a week without sleeping in my bed.

At the end of this month Kelli's cousin is getting married in California. Debating going. If I do go I have to fly from San Francisco to Chicago right after the wedding as I have to work the next day. Hmmm.

I've reduced the power consumption of the house dramatically by switching to dual core Atom CPUs for two computers that use 1/5th the power of the previous computers. They are also fan less (no heat or noise). Very happy with the performance. I might replace one more and be done. Of course I have to find something to do with the old computers. Hmm.

Gas mileage in my Prius has dropped dramatically over the last two months. I think its the short trips and heavy A/C usage. Down to 44MPG. Kelli's Prius is still at 51 MPG. She takes much longer trips than me. My longest trip is 12 miles. Most are under 5.

My monthly average for driving has dropped to 400 miles a month as I fly more. Last year this time I was driving to and from work 4-5 times a week. Now I drive to and from twice a week.


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