Monday, March 21, 2011

The perfect son was born

Kelli got her annual raise...she now makes double what I bring home. When we met I made a bit more than her. She passed me long before I became a pilot. One day maybe I will make more....until then she wears the pants and I iron them.

Thirty four years ago at 7:40AM a 10 pound 13 ounce baby boy walked out and said "cut me some slack." My parents were in shock and my mom quickly had her tubes tied....the perfect son was here....why risk having something less? That's the way I like to think of the tying of her tubes.

Kelli and I don't have a perfect marriage....but it's pretty good. We each have a career we enjoy, a house we can afford, a partner we enjoy spending time with and of course a healthy child. Life for us is pretty good.

My schedule next month is set. For only the third time in 3 1/2 years I know exactly what flights I will do each month as well as what time I will be done each day. The bad thing is I will be based in Chicago.

The schedule was built with 15 days off. Because of my vacation I will have 23 days off. I will be losing about 20 hours of pay though so I will have to make it up on some of those 23 days.

The flights I do are nice and long. I get to overnight in Oklahoma City, Denver and Los Angeles. Should be fun.

I'm 34 years old....I act 24 years old....and feel 45 years old. Bleh.

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