Monday, May 18, 2009

Slot Machine a comin'

I can now track my slot machine online. If you care to follow along here is the link. I am hopeful it comes Wednesday or NEXT Tuesday as I am planning on going to Portland this Thursday.

Getting to Portland could be interesting. There are currently just 3 open seats on the plane. There are exactly 3 standby passengers. If a fourth pops up and I'm the only pilot.....I could get the jumpseat. I will not ride in the cockpit jumpseat for 4 hours. No way.

Backup plans are to go to San Jose, Denver or Salt Lake City on American and then hitch a ride on Southwest, Frontier or United to Portland.

My Mazda5 amazes me more and more each week. I would say each day....but I don't drive it each week. I got gas today. I have a neat application on my G1 called Mileage Log that keeps track of my average MPG, tank MPG, average gas price and average gallons per fill up. Today I filled up with 12 1/2 gallons and got an AVERAGE of 28.64 MPG!!! The EPA estimates for my car are 21 city 27 highway. I got 28.64 MPG with mostly city! Boooyah! The lowest MPG for a tank was 24.34 MPG. I am averaging 26.08 MPG so far.

I saw a very good movie today. I watched Taking Chance. It's a movie about a soldier who died in Iraq being transported back to his family for burial. Watching this movie really made all my little problems seem minuscule. I already have a really hard time walking down by the departure gate for the soldiers at DFW airport. Their gate is just down from the American Eagle gates. On most flights I make a point to show respect to the soldiers as they board by thanking them. When I make a PA I start with "Good afternoon Service Men, Service Women, Ladies and Gentlemen we will be departing in just a few moments...." Watching this movie today really grounded me. Those who have Netflix this is a must see movie. I enjoyed it so much I bought it on as soon as it was over.

Tomorrow Kelli turns 30. She will officially be old. Sucks thats she still looks 17. Why? I get the "dirty old man looks".

I bought an external SATA case for my old laptop hard drive. When I plugged it into my Macbook I  got an error message that the device was drawing too much power. Nice.

I had to rename my aviation blog. I have to have complete anonymity. Having my last name in the URL and my first name in the blogs made it too easy for people to figure out where I was based and what airline I worked for. The new name is. .......

[singlepic id=521 w=320 h=240 float=center]

I can't type the name as it would be picked up by search engines. There will be no links between this site and the other one. The other blog is like an adopted red headed step-child. Funny thing is that I now get an average of 110 unique (meaning different computers...mine are not counted) visitors per day. Nutty.

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