Friday, May 29, 2009

Going with the flow

Heading out to work soon. I wanted to be off tonight. Nope. Going to Cleveland, OH and back then to Little Rock, Arkansas for 5 hours sleep (reduced rest overnight). I am *supposed* to be done tomorrow morning at 6:40AM. We will see. Kelli wanted me to go with her to a "party barge" tonight on Lake Lewisville. One of her coworkers is having a party.

One of Kelli's dog's is having issues. Doogie has been acting funny for the last two days. There was a bard storm Tuesday night. He hasn't eaten much since. He has always had issues with storms. His demanor is very different. He has been sitting next to me whenever I am home alone. On Wednesday he was shaking like he was scared/cold. If I play ball with him he goes back to his old crazy self. He doesn't like staying in his crate. The REALLY odd thing is no other dogs will go in his crate. Kelli washed all of the sheets in his crate last night. Most of the time the dogs go nuts over clean sheets. Something is really odd.

I gave him some ham from my lunchable this morning. First time he ate one little piece. An hour later he ate all of it. I bought a different brand of dog food today. He ate a little. Odd. I normally don't care for the dogs. Doogie's change is bothering Kelli. This makes Kelli upset. If Kelli isn't happy...I'm not happy....thus I am trying.

Next month is going to be ugly for me at work. My company laid off 75 pilots recently. Next month they are realizing they will be short staffed. All pilots flying my aircraft were told not to expect much in last minute vacation request, moving days around or dropping flights. By contrast this month I was able to move around a bunch of days to get 8 days off in a row. Hmmmm.

Time to go to work.

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