Thursday, May 7, 2009

All this crap over $50?!?!?!?!?

Our neighbor really blows. She never cuts her grass. Her two tress died. She has had a Minivan parked in her driveway that hasn't moved in over a year. Her bushes are all overgrown. The only good thing is the state of her house makes ours look amazingly awesome.

When the fence blew down Kelli to the ropes and got estimates and then placed a detailed note (with a picture of the damage) on our neighbors door. The estimates were all for $300. We needed three post installed. Only two were damaged. The third post was to insure this wouldn't happen again.

I explained to our neighbor the estimate and the repairs. She said it sounded like it was too much money for the work needed. I then explained for me to do the work the materials alone would cost over $180. She said she would only help pay for two post and not three. The only way should would pay for three post is if we got our neighbors BEHIND us involved. The fence portion damaged was ONLY between our two houses. The neighbors behind us did erect a fence and attach it to part of our fences, but that in no way caused the failure. I tried to explain this to her. She relented. Fine, we agreed to split to cost of TWO of the three post. So her portion was $100 instead of $150. She got all worked up over $50...really?

The fence is all fixed. The repairman didn't leave Kelli and receipt. She is supposed to call and inquire about one today.

I had a fun day at work yesterday flying to Des Moines. Today I am just sitting in the airport on morning airport standby.

When I did morning airport standby all month in February I had a routine where I would sleep for 3-4 hours, get cheap coffee that offered free refills, watch TV for a few hours and then head home. This morning I am back on the routine.

Next Wednesday or Thursday I am planning on going to Vegas for the day to look at a slot machine. The Slot Machine isn't in's actually in Golden Valley, Arizona which is just 90 miles south of Vegas. I know I am need to remind me.

I am going to install Windows 7 on my Macbook Pro today. Microsoft is allowing users 1 free year of use from the new Operating System. Should be interesting.

Just 4 1/2 hours left till I can go home.

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