Monday, May 4, 2009

Finally home

Kelli dropped me off at the airport at 6PM on Thursday. I had originally planned on being home early Saturday afternoon. Well crap hit the fan when storms moved in Friday night and stayed around all day Saturday. The weather caused my flight back home to be cancelled. Later Saturday night I was reassigned to work thru Sunday morning. Then on Sunday morning I was reassigned to work thru Tuesday evening.

Prior to this weekend, I haven't been away from home, for work, for more than one night since January. I stayed the night in a  Comfort Inn in Little Rock Thursday night, a Crowne Plaza in Cleveland Friday night, a La Quinta in Little Rock Saturday night and a Marriott in Cleveland Sunday night. The first two hotels had hard beds...didn't care for them. The Marriott had the best beds of the four....which is a great thing as I was exhausted.

I flew for 18 hours over the 5 days. That's more than I flew all of last month. I am paid for 75 flight hours each month no matter how little I fly. If I fly more than 75 hours I get the extra money. The extra time away from home will help on my paycheck at the end on June. The nearly 97 hours away from home will net me $170 in per diem. That's more than I get in a month of airport standby.

Being gone so long really sucked when the fence blew down in the storm. Trying to help Kelli while being states away wasn't easy. It will be interesting when an offspring is involved. I did get a chance Sunday afternoon to rush home and erect the fence to let it dry out. I used twine to "rig" up a support system. Last night when I got home I bought nylon rope and made a much more robust support system. Estimated cost to fix the fence $300. Our neighbor is still out of town. Hopefully she will agree to pay half the cost.

A slot machine is still in my future. I was going to go look at one today....but I am exhausted. After working 15 hours Saturday, 12 hours Sunday and 9 hours yesterday, I need som timee to just sit. Right now I am working on going out next Tuesday to look at a few slot machines. The one in Houston is still my top pick, but the seller hasn't gotten back to me with more details.

I am now using Twitter. After months of thinking it was a silly communication medium.....I changed my mind. I have many thousands of interesting thoughts (well I think they are interesting) throughout the day. Many times I forget them. With Twitter I can instantly post my thoughts on this page. The Twitter account I am using is shared with my aviation blog so it might seem odd at times.

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