Monday, September 1, 2008

Make stuff compatible

So Fry's has a very nice network camera on sale. The camera is the Lexus of cameras. The camera can pan, tilt and has night vision. The pan and tilt part means I can turn the camera 360 degrees via a internet browser and tilt it almost 90 degrees. I bought two because they were on sale for $99. They are made by the same company that makes my current cameras, Airlink. Airlink sells networking equipment only through Fry's and for the most part the products are just rebranded D-Link products. I get the camera home and hook it up. The video and picture quality is far superior to my existing cameras. I get happy. I then try to add the camera to my current Airlink security camera software. That's when the crap happens. The new camera is not compatible with the existing Airlink software!!!! The software that came with the new camera is no where near as useful as the old software. The old software allows for motion based recording and I can exclude certain areas (such as the leaves on trees on the area of one window where the sun rises). The camera was just released by Airlink. I can hope that new software will come out with more functionality. I dunno. I can set it up to simply record 24X7 and dump out old video. This sucks. Very nice camera hampered by limited software.

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