Monday, September 8, 2008

IR and glass

So I found a solution to my camera issue. Run both software versions at the same time and buy a big ass hard drive. The new camera (with its crystal clear picture!) records continuously at the rate of nearly 40GB per day! I still can't get motion base record to work (thats how my other cameras record). I bought a 500GB hard drive (which was crazy cheap!) to use just for the new camera. The old cameras use barely 100 GB for 4 cameras for a MONTH worth of video!

Speaking of the new camera I have it in the front window. The picture and ability to pan is very nice. A problem cropped (pun intended) up. The IR lights blind the camera partially at night due to the window pane. If I set the camera at an extreme angle then the glare goes away but so does the ability to pan. I am not sure a way around this. I can't put the camera outside as it's operating range is from 32F to 113F. It would die in the winter. Anyone have an idea?

I am currently in Amarillo. I flew in last night. I will travel through Dallas this late afternoon and then spend the night in Santa Barbara, California and the following night in Little Rock, Arkansas. Eating low carb on the road for breakfast is a little harder than I thought. After much mind fumbling I found the best solution is a low carb shake and a bar. All other meals are easy. I brought a bunch of nuts, slim jims, tuna and sugar free candy for other times.

Even if we don't have kids I really enjoy my MULTI ACTIVITY VEHICLE (that was for a crazy ass Aggie who insist on calling it the M word!). The versatility is nice. I have more cargo room than most small to midsize SUVs and get much better gas mileage. On a trip to see Eric and Angela last weekend I got 30.2 MPG. The Mazda 5 is EPA rated at 22 city and 27 highway. Getting 30 MPG is very nice. Having my tires set at a higher PSI than stock helps get better than EPA mileage. I also like the styling and overall value. I got everything (leather, HID headlights, sunroof, auto climate control, 17 inch wheels etc). I wanted except navigation and vehicle skid control (helps keep the car straight in wet conditions) for under $20K. The only reason I would get rid of it is if Kelli wants a new car when my lease is up. I drive soooo little right now (I am averaging just over 700 miles a month so far) that I could easily take her well used Prius in 3 years and be fine. Or I could buy my own. Honda is coming out with a Prius fighter that will get similar mileage for WAY less money. The car should be out next spring/summer.

My cell phone is almost 2 years old. When I bought it the phone was cutting edge. Now it's just average. T-Mobile is launching it's 3G network very soon along with a rumored 16 new phones in the next 4 months. One of the phones will be running an operating system by Google. I am in a pickle as I would like the phone...but I might get a 3G touchscreen phone powered by Windows so I can load my logbook (used to keep track of my flight tim) application on it. Right now my phone is powered by Windows Mobile 6...but its not a touchscreen. Because it's not a touchscreen my logbook program isn't compatible and I have to carry another Windows powered PDA (personal digital assistant). I would like to go down to one device...ahh....choices! There are a bunch of unlocked phones that fit my needs on eBay....and some are even 3G! Bleh.

Time to relax in Amarillo till this afternoon. Then off to beautiful Santa Barbara.

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