Saturday, September 27, 2008

For Whenever I have a home theatre

Whenever I get around to having a home theatre....I am going to have airplane seats in place of couches and theater chairs. First class seats of course! I will get them from They aren't cheap....but well worth least for me.

Seems as though the phone I bought has sold out! I can't wait.

My plan to pay for said phone crumbled. I only had one student to teach today. Instead of my $300 daily rate...I got $75. Still more than I would have had if I sat at home all day...but less than I planned for. Thankfully my network cameras sold on eBay for $155. After eBay and Paypal fees (whom I think both charge too damn much) I will make about $145. That and my fee today will pay for the phone. I picked up 12 hours of overtime this month which will pay for my gambling money for Vegas.

Speaking of Vegas, for October I didn't get a "hard line" or set schedule for the month. I got a relief line. This is a line built up with pieces from other lines. The good thing is I have no reserve days. As part of this line they can work you as much as they want up to all but 11 days. Pilots can request certain days off...but they are only request. I asked off for the 3 days we are going to Vegas. This was a tough request as it's the end of the month and that is a hard time for scheduling (due to the next month schedule and carry over from this month). Anyways they gave me my days off PLUS 11 other days off! I got 3 bonus days off. The bad part of this line is I do a LOT of Chicago flying. I like the city....but I HATE THE DAMN AIRPORT! There is always a price to pay I guess.

Kelli is flying to New York next weekend. I would like to have gone, but I work on Sunday afternoon.

I really enjoyed teaching today. Even with one student. I enjoy explaining new topics to people and seeing them understand and then use that knowledge.

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