Thursday, September 11, 2008

And so then I said

I need to update that photo at the top of this screen. Well not this screen as the screen I am typing on looks nothing like what you are seeing. No I need to update the photo at the top of the screen that you are seeing. Kinda old. I no longer have that laptop, it's now serving duty in Sacramento. Oh yeah Jami if no mouse is still screwy I have an idea...might be a loose cable. Call and I can easily walk you threw making sure the cable is on well.Anyways Kelli got her new door installed. The backdoor to our house was a nearly full glass door. (Viewable to the right of this screen in my Flickr Photos, click on Photos From My Flickr if you don't see it) Nice...but she could not install a pet door. She instead bought a new door and had a hole cut into it for a pet door. The new door has dual pane glass with built in mini-blinds in the middle. Having them built in means no dusting and they will never get tangled! The window is on the top half and with the bottom half consisting of the dog door. The dog door is "smart" door which can be set up to only allow her dogs through by placing a transmitter on their collars. This was if we leave for the day or even weekend we can let them roam around with no fear of another animal or a really small person coming in. So far the normally retarded Vegas is the ONLY dog to have no problem going in and out. Lilo who is normally the 2nd smartest dog must be forced through then one she is out she just stares inside....having to be repeatedly called to come in. Doogie is doing pretty good with it.Low carb still going well. I am going to clean off and up my grill.Kelli and I haven't gone on a vacation since August 8th. A record! I was looking at my pay statement for my next pay check thinking "that's a lot more money than I normally get." The reason? No travel charges! I pay a small fee ($11-$15 per flight per person normally for coach) for Kelli and I to fly. Although it's a small paycheck is small as well. We were planning on going to Chicago for a day trip Saturday. The Hurricane changed that. The winds and rain will likely delay flights in and out of DFW Saturday and Sunday.Oh....I have no idea what the title of this blog means.

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