Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A lot of time to think

Being away from home for 4 days at a time (Estimated at 73 hours of time.....but who's counting...oh yeah...the airline) gives me a lot of time to do....nothing. I need a damn hobby or something to do while I sit in hotel rooms. I thought doing ChaCha.com would be fun. But it's not. They lowered the pay rate so it's really not worth it anymore. Learning a new language came to mind...but the audio tapes I <cough>bought<cough> are boring. Rosetta Stone comes to mind. I gotta find something though. Amarillo, TX is a dust bowl of nothing and the hotel is in the middle of it. Santa Barbara, California is very nice...but I get 9 hours between the time I land and the time I depart again....gotta sleep somewhere in there. Right now I am in Little Rock, Arkansas in the downtown 1/2 ghetto part. Nothing to do besides watch drug deals (great view from the 11th floor of the hotel) and thugs run around. Okay this area isn't that bad...but you won't catch me walking outside after dark...and I even have the "right" skin color to be outside. I think I might buy a book or two. It's been years since I have read a book non job/aviation related. I thought my laptop would keep me interested....nah. I can only surf around for so long before I go nutty. Hmmm 6:30PM now....the van picks me up at 5:15....gotta sleep atleast 7 hours (normally 6...but I have to fly though Chicago tomorrow so I need to be EXTRA alert). So that leaves 4 hours of finding something to do. Bleh.

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