Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Trying NOT to drive

So with me being of limited funds, I am doing my best to NOT drive. I have done so well that I have only bought gas three times this year. That's it! The last time I bought gas was February 16th. I can go another 100 miles before I have to buy gas again. If I do the minimum driving that's at least until late March. With my limited driving needs this begs the question on should I just lease another car? I have driven less than 4000 miles in the last 6 months. Leasing another car would be cheaper in the short run. Long Since I am of limited funds now and will not be in the future (I get a good sized raise at the end of the year and then a little more each year after) I would be in a better position to buy a car next time. I thought about buying a cheap used car...but my one and only used car experience didn't go well. I think I will either keep my car, buy a new car....or lease a new car. Hmm...yeah....this has been a waste of a post. Oh well....

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