Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's my birthday and I'll fly where I want to........

So my birthday is coming up Friday. The big 31. Kelli and I have this thing where we have gambled on every Easter since we were married. Well flying on Sundays is risky business so we decided to gamble on Saturday. Originally we were going to go to Shreveport. Not great...but it's a casino. Then I got to thinking.....where else can we fly that has a casino? Lots of places really. Vegas is are full. Kansas City and St. Louis...same thing. Then I thought north. Way north. CANADA!!! Flights to Toronto are wiiiiiiiiide open. There is a casino one hour north but then I thought....what about south? Niagra Falls has a casino and the Niagra Falls tourist thing. Being the travel specialist I am I booked a rental car for $31 USD all in, free hotel via points and the flight will cost us what the hotel would have cost for one night. Cheap trip. Plus we can use our passports. Our friends Lacy and Raymond were going to go (Raymond's sister works for AA and can use her flight benefits) but the amount they pay for flights is 2X what we pay as they are a lower level. Boo. Fly up Friday morning and fly back Saturday evening. We are going to do a small amount of gambling, see the falls and maybe an IMAX. The drive from Toronto to Niagra Falls is about 90 minutes. The Buffalo, NY airport is closer, but there is no direct flight from DFW and I loathe connecting in Chicago. Should be a fun trip. Gotta travel now....once the kiddo will be much more complicated.

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