Saturday, March 22, 2008

31.....feels the same as 30...but

So over the past few months I have been aging. Sure everyone ages...but I am doing it in an odd way. For example, I have started holding things I am reading far from my face as though I can't read them close up. Truth is I can read them fine close or far....but I still hold them far out. I have also started making what can only be described as "old man noises". Moans, groans and sighs. Quite odd. I can feel I am getting older too. I spent a day weeding the lawn. My thighs and knees were in pain the next day. All in good time I guess. I still "think" I'm young. I still live by if you can't laugh you can live. On my 21st birthday I enjoyed my first cuban cigar. Quite well....bleh. Won't do that again. Damn thing cost $20! I smoked the whole thing though over two sessions. I shouldn't say smoked....more "held in my hand and sucked on it till it was gone" as you don't inhale cigars. Good times.


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