Friday, March 14, 2008

The car has been chosen

So I am going to replace my TSX with a Mazda 5. Big change. The only luxury items I am giving up are homelink auto-dimming rearview mirror (although I can add one for a stiff $300), dual zone automatic climate control (now just single zone), power seats and the need for premium gas. The leasing company I am working with just called. Only one Black/Black Mazda 5 Grand Touring w/Navigation in the country....and it's in Nebraska. DOH! My second choices are dark gray (which I have right now) and dark blue (which I had on the previous car). Selling a black car in Texas is hard anyways. The Mazda5 has everything else my car has and gets similar gas mileage. I took my car to Carmax yesterday (which if you EVER want to trade in a car go there first!) and they offered me $17,500. I "owe" $17,090. The dealer offered me $16,300. Once I figure in the cost of the new tires I will need to buy in the next 5000 miles at $850 (a decent quality named brand tire is $180 a piece plus install and yadda yadda yadda) and the fact that I won't need premium gas anymore I am way ahead. Now it's just finding the car.

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