Saturday, March 1, 2008

So......I dunno what to do

I thought I wanted a FJ Cruiser or a Scion XB. I test drove both today. The XB is neat....but a little too cheap inside. The seats didn't have seatback pockets, no homelink .....and....hmmm...guess that's about it. The FJ Cruiser was nice and big....but had even more negatives. The dealer tried to play the numbers game. I told him I didn't want to as Kelli was tired. He did a "we will give you more for your trade" BS by inflating the price of the car. I was gone. The XB will stay on my list....IF I got leather in it then it would have seat back pockets...and homelink (which we use to open our garage) can be added also.

The XB makes the most sense. It's in my price range, I can get it with what I want for under $21K. The 4 Cylinder buzziness was a little annoying...but I would rarely have to buy gas. lease? I REALLY should buy. *shrug*. The FJ Cruiser is off the list without a doubt. Dunno what else to look at. I am very picky. Maybe a Toyota 4Runner....used one likely. No Fords (Escape Hybrid maybe...but it's too small). No Hondas. No Nissans. No Mitsubishis. No Acuras. No Lexus. No Hyundais. Maybe a Prius....but again it's out of my price range.

Funny thing my leasing company called today asking what I was going to do with the car. The current payoff if I wanted to keep it is $18,900. The price will be $15,200 in August. That's $3700 lower. In that time I will pay $1600 in payments. Hmmm....what to do.

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