Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wiring up the house

So I got a hair up my rear to wire the house for Ethernet. Part of the hair came from my security cameras. For whatever reason the performance has gone down on the wireless ones while the wired ones are fine. I have them on a dedicated wireless network that is 100% separate from my other network. Still has issues. Also the new Uverse cable boxes can run on Ethernet. So I did some online research on cabling and prices. I decided to buy a network kit from for $71. This includes 1000 feet of Cat 5e cable, a crimper (to cut and mold the cable ends), a 100 RJ45 heads (the end of the network cable) and a network cable tester. Not bad at all considering the cable alone is over $100 at Frys. I then bought a 24 port patch panel off of eBay for $15. The patch panel is where all the network cables will come together. From there I will plug the cables into switches. I also bought 25 Cat5e keystone jacks from Deepsurplus along with various wall plates. The keystone jacks at most places are crazy expensive to the tune of $4 a piece! I bought them for $1.45 a piece. I saw 25 for $20 on eBay....but they smelled fishy. I bought various wall plates. Some with 6 ports, some with 4 , a few with just two and enough for each camera that only have 1 port. Everything should be in this week. I will use my downtime to install everything. I still have to buy a drywall saw. I figure do it now in the winter while the attic is still cool and not burning up. This will make the network at home much easier and faster. Can't wait. Right now I have an 8 port gigabit switch. Should be enough.  I have gigabit cards in 3 computers right now.  I will likely up it to 6. Here's to being geeky.

I have had a lot of free time. I went back to work on  Thursday. I flew one trip. Friday and Saturday I was paid a full days pay to just be available on a 2 hour notice. Never got called. Today I thought I would fly. Well I bid wrong and got airport standby. This is my own personal hell. I have to hang around the airport for 8 hours in case they need a pilot in a pinch. This sucks. Sure I have internet and all....but not much to do. I got bored and walked thru 4 of the 5 terminals. Then took the skylink train system the long way around back to the crew lounge. Still have almost 2 hours left. THIS SUCKS!

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