Wednesday, February 6, 2008


So our weight loss trek is going well. We are both dedicated. Kelli had some speed bumps in January, but has been hard core for the last week or so. She has her eye on the prize. I am progressing fine. I am going to go as long as possible in my current pilot uniform before buying new stuff...namely pants.

Blacklights. Good for Halloween and finding dog pee. There is dog pee on just about every corner and the associated carpet in the house. Nice. Not really. Can't see it with our eyes, but flick on the black light and wa la. Really really irks me.

I am going to get paid to sit at home again tomorrow. I was assigned a "Reserve Availability Period" from 4AM till 7PM. I have to be "available" to fly with a 2 hour notice. Pretty easy. I will go to the airport in the morning to get my all access security badge. I need to get out of the house. For the last three days I really haven't gone anywhere. Biggest reason is to save gas burned.

So my next car. Still 7 months away. I am leaning more towards keeping my current car and getting a Prius. WHAT?!?!! Yeah well I am poor. If we have a kid I will be more poor. Why not save as much money as possible? Which way I go depends a lot on interest rates. If new car rates are really low and lease buyout rates are high....Prius. Right now new car rates are in the 5% range while lease buyout rates are 9%! Crazy. I am at 35K miles. I have 10K miles to drive in 7 months.

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  1. Here at the credit union, we use our regular rates for a lease buyout so for a 2005 model you could get a rate range of 5.99%-7.49% (with credit score above 715)...not trying to sell you or anything but if you are thinking of going that route I would check the rates at other lenders