Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Success....mostly....well stuff is working

So this morning I drove over to Altex ( to pickup some short network cables and a bracket to mount the patch panel to the wall. I thought I wanted 12 inch cables. Nope. Way too short. A 12 inch cable is from end to end. The ends are about an inch and a half each. I had to get 3 foot cables at twice the price. I bought 6 red, 7 yellow and 4 green 3 foot cables. I then bought 4 grey 1 foot cables for the cameras and to connect the switches. Total? $50. I am using the money from the sale of my headset on eBay to pay for all this stuff. They had no brackets for the patch panel. I found this odd.

Back at home I took the network down. I quickly ran into a snag. Previously I had my own router running the show with the required Uverse router just taking processing request. Well with the new setup I have all the Uverse boxes sharing my network, no longer going over the coaxial cable.  I can't figure out a way to put my router in the mix. I scratched my head....thought...then yanked it out. I reset the Uverse router to take command of the network. Back to wiring.

The red cables are all used for computers on the network. The yellow cables are for the cameras. The green cables are for the Uverse boxes. Everything is hunky dory except I am short one red cable. Overall I am happy. Two of the six jacks in the office only operate at 100 megabits per second and not 1000 megabits per second. No biggie as I only needed 4 gigabit ports anyway. I have 4 of the 6 cameras up and mounted. Two more to go. I am going to zip tie and organize tomorrow...then relax for a bit. Only two wireless devices in the house...our laptops.

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