Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Decommissioning a computer....saying goodbye to a good worker

So the Media center computer has been used very little since we got Uverse. Without a clean TV signal...not much need for it. I would turn it on every now and then....get it all warmed up...even connect via remote desktop and play around. was time for it to go. The Media center computer has been around for almost 4 years. It is the oldest computer in the house and most reliable. Day in and day out it would record TV shows for us, allow the XBOX 360 to connect to the internet (through internet connection sharing) and allow the XBOX 360 to pull TV shows so we could watch them in the living room. Throughout the years I upgraded the hard drive space to over 700 GB. I gave it a Christmas gift of 512 MB of DDR RAM for a total of 1.5 GB. It was happy. Yesterday I turned it off for one last time.

I started by slowly unscrewing the screws that hold on the case. They seemed to really hold on tighter than normal. Sliding back the case the insides were quite clean (I would dust it out every other month). I reached in and unplugged the two DVD-burners first...and then the hard drives. One of the DVD-Burners was installed in the Home Server. I need an optical drive that's a DVD drive. One of the hard drives was also installed in the Home Server...I am going to have 700 GB of space in it when I am done.  It looks so exposed...front open to the world. I am going to do something with it. Not sure what.

With my two days off this week I plan on cleaning up the office and network. Right now I have three computers under my desk. I have my main computer, security camera computer and the home server. I am going to move the security camera computer and home server elsewhere in the house. I ran 4 more cables today to two locations. I now have a total of 20 network jacks in the house. I have 4 to spare. I also mounted the patch panel on the wall today. Much cleaner in the hall closet now.

The home server is what used to be Kelli's desktop computer. She hasn't used her desktop in months since she got her laptop. All we used the computer for since then is to print stuff out. I bought a USB printer server adapter to allow printing without a computer. I am pretty sure I will install the printer in my office although I might put it next to the fish tank in the hall, so Kelli doesn't have to come in my office to print.

I am really liking having a 99% wired network. File transfer is faster and the wireless network performance is much faster. Prior to being wired, I had 2 laptops, 3 desktops and 5 cameras all sharing the wireless bandwidth. I now have just two laptops on the wireless network. Things are more secure as well.

Gonna go install one more wall plate in Kelli's office...which I am sure will become the baby room and then take a break.

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