Monday, September 1, 2014

1000 MPG....a month with a BMW I3

I've had my BMW I3 for a little more than a month. Being a new car I drove way more than I normally do. I've averaged 600 miles a month over the last 7 years.

My BMW I3 is the Range Extender model meaning it has a gas generator on board for extra range. The gas engine NEVER DRIVES THE WHEELS which is the opposite of the Chevy Volt. The generator is simply there as a backup. Once the generator kicks on I can drive about 70 miles additional miles. Total "range"  is about 150 miles total.

In the 1000 miles I've driven I've used 1 gallon of gas. That's it. I have used 225 kWhs of power. That is about $26 worth of electricity. To go 1000 miles in the 2004 Prius I used to drive would cost at least $71 in fuel.

We also have a Nissan Leaf that Kelli drives. Her car is ONLY electric with no backup. She's had her car two months and has only had one issue. While on a very long outing she sensed she needed to charge before continuing home. We visited two quick chargers (that can fill the car to 80% in 30 minutes) but both were occupied. We used a slow charger for a bit and she made it home fine. Turns out she would have made it home without ever charging.

Electric cars aren't for everyone. I hope to post more frequently about our experiences. One thing we both like is the total vibration free driving. It's eerily quiet and relaxing to drive electric.


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