Monday, June 17, 2013

New nest

I won't say we are moved in...but all of our stuff...well most of our stuff is in the new house.

Closing went well. We "made" a decent amount of money on the old house. Lucky timing. Three years ago it was worth $168K. We sold it for $182K.

Moving is annoying. We started packing over a month ago. We foolishly planned on taking small things....a lot of small things. The movers were good and we should have had them move everything. Instead we made at least 10 trips to and from for "small things".

We closed on a Thursday and had the movers arrive at our old house Friday morning. Today is Tuesday. My whole body aches from moving boxes, lifting things and installing things. I hope to be totally done in about a month.

I hate installing ceiling fans.

Should be able to post photos in about two weeks, once all the moving boxes are expected to be gone.


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