Friday, December 14, 2012


With our current house we bought it as is as far as wiring goes. It is a little ironic that our current house is more of a "starter" house, yet came with cable and telephone outlets in every bedroom, telephone outlet in the kitchen and another cable outlet in the living room.

I (along with help from Eric) wired Ethernet throughout the rest of the house. Over 15 cable runs for Internet and security cameras.

Our new house, definitely not a starter house, only comes with 3 cable outlets and 3 tv outlets free. That's it.

I met with a representative from the wiring company our builder uses, Stereo East, this week. I figured we'd spend about $2000 on extra wiring. Yep...pieces of copper wire.

For our next (and likely final unless we move out of state) house we are getting cable and Ethernet (wired "Internet" cable) for every bedroom (3), living room, study, game room and media room. Additionally I am getting three security camera runs for the front porch, side patio and garage. The garage is at the back of the house vs our current setup where it is at the front.

I am also getting conduit installed in a few spots for running cable later.

While wireless internet works great for more things, nothing beats wired.

This morning we are going to visit the "Design Center" to get ideas for the rest of the house. Today is a just a "look and see" visit. Our official meeting is early next year.


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