Monday, October 24, 2011

I got the time....taking it slow

Avoiding the highway. I rarely have to be anywhere quickly. This came across my mind a few weeks ago.

So I started taking side roads. Driving a Prius....I get better mileage this way.

My mileage has increased from 44MPG average to a solid 49MPG average. This is due to the lower speeds while on side roads and the increased stop and go driving.

Driving a Prius is like a video game. The object is to get as many miles per gallon as possible.

In addition to side roads I have a few other "techniques":

1- I never accelerate toward a red light if possible. No matter how far away the light is, if no one is behind me I coast

2 - I drive as smoothly as possible. I drive like I fly, smooth and slow turns (Kelli corners like she is on a mission sometimes).

3- I turn off the A/C and crack the windows on nice days. I do miss my sunroof....

4 - Tire pressure is checked regularly. Like weekly

5 - Leave extra crap at home . I take out any excess cargo

That's about it. As much as I enjoy getting great mileage. I am eagerly looking forward to my next car in 4 years and 2 months.

I think about it often. I was intrigued that Lexus Certified Preowned cars now have a 3 year from date YOU buy it or 100,000 miles...whichever comes first. This is better than a new car warranty on a Prius. Not too shabby as one could buy a 3 year old Lexus with 30K miles leaving 3 years or 70K miles of bumper to bumper warranty left. That's just one line of cars. I'm also interested in a VW TDI (Passat most likely), Kia Optima, Dodge Charger, Mercedes C series, Toyota FJ Cruiser and of course the Ford Flex.

For now...taking it slow.

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