Friday, August 8, 2008

Vegas has changed

Vegas has changed. Back in January times were good, beer was cheap...and I was winning.

We liked a casino called O'Sheas. It's right across from Caesars Palace and next door to the Flamingo. Back in January O'Sheas has $1 beers and $2 Guiness. The casino also had lots of $5 blackjack. Well we walked over to O'Shea's to see no signs of cheap beer. They had a few $5 tables. We each lost money...and were sober.

Vegas was a fun time overall. The filming of The Last Comic Standing was kind of annoying. We waited in line at 7:30AM for the ticket booth to open at 8AM. By 8:30AM we had tickets. We sat in our seats (4 rows back almost dead center!) at 10:30AM. The show started at Noon. The show restarted at 12:10, 12:30 and finally 12:40. Why ? Well it wasn't live. Issues kept occuring in the opening act. Keeping the energy and enthusiasm up for 4 takes is hard. The show was fun though and I am glad Iliza Shlesinger won. She is my favorite.

I didn't win anything beyond my first $67.50 in Vegas. I lost....often. Kelli did well. She didn't come back positive, but she was able to play MUCH longer than me on machines and tables and lost less than I did. We had fun. I figure our losses paid for the hotel (which was free!).

We rented a Prius. We own a Prius. The Prius gas gauge is misleading. Instead of a sweeping arm you get squares. The squares go away as the gas goes away. There is a trick though in that it will show full for a long time. I drove 50 miles. The gas gauge still showed full. I could have easily returned it scott free. I was worried it would dip a block on the way up the ramp. The computer showed 36.4 MPG. I somehow pumped in 2.2 gallons. That math doesn't work. Apparently whoever rented it before us knew the gas gauge trick as well. Oh the pump didn't click off at 2.2 gallons, I manually stopped it.

The flight to and from Vegas was on a 767. The flight was scheduled for a 757. The 767 has 40 more seats than a 757 while also having 8 more first class seats and a 2-3-2 layout versus a 757 3-3 layout. We scored the international crew rest seats on the way to Vegas. These seats are used for the crew to sleep during shift change on ultra long flights. They have extra padding, near lay flat recline, extendable leg and footrest and are situated in a section of 2 closed off from the rest of the plane. Uber comfortable! On the way back we had plane old coach seats. BOOOO! I hate coach. No room and too many rude travelers. Kelli and I are really good at missing first class by 1 seat. On the way to Las Vegas they only had one open first class seat meaning one of us could have had it. The same on the way back from Toronto, Houston and New York. We each have 3 high priority stand by passes to use before the end of the year. They will almost gaurantee us a first class seat wherever we fly.

My mother in law comes in town tomorrow for a week. Gotta find something to do.

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