Sunday, August 24, 2008

Everyone going to Disney World take one step forward

So my mother in law is paying for any family that wants to go to Disney World the second week of January. All we had to do was get there. Air travel is a non-issue. The vacation is a week long with her covering hotel, food and tickets to Disney. Not bad. She paid for a similar vacation to Hawaii two years ago. I figured January would be a good month for me to go as most pilots take vacation in December...not January. All was a go....and then I got displaced out of my current plane and into another one. My training date for my next plane STARTS November 24th and finishes January 31st. Yeah. The only way out would have been if I already had vacation scheduled with the company. I can't even bid on 2009 vacation until October/November. There is a 99% chance I'm not going. Boo.

Still looking into building my own Mac.

I'm up for cell phone renewal. Supposedly T-Mobile is going to be a launch customer for a phone with software written by Google. The Android software is going to installed on a I-Phone like phone from HTC...who made my current phone. I guess I will stick it out.

My current phone is getting ratty. The microphone is going out. I have to use a bluetooth headset for people to hear my most of the time. I lost my old bluetooth headset so I bought one off eBay.  The seller stated it was new. It is obviously used.  I should have checked his feedback. Lots of buyers complain about "new" stuff that's not. He has 58000+ feedback though. Now I have to waste my money to send it back. Boo.

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