Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Blues

I have got bluetooth blues. My TMobile Dash smartphone has been acting up lately. I decided to do a hard reset. After doing do the phone was responding much better. Everything was great. I was happy. I then tried to simply re-pair it with my car navigation system. I remembered last time I did so it took a 3rd party application from Jetware (www.jetwaremobile.com) to get everything working. The software simply had to be installed while I paired with my navigation system. It worked perfectly. This time I tried simply pairing up. No dice. I then installed the 3rd party app.....still no dice! WTF?!?!? Software *should* be reliable. X + Y should always equal Z. I know except when Windows is involved. My phone runs Windows Mobile 6. I have searched the net and tried editing the registry and another 3rd party app....still no dice. I am now reflashing the ROM on my phone to the default Window Mobile 6 ROM. If this doesn't work......then one more 3rd party app and then I will just wait until the next phone arrives. Damn annoying. There are tons of forums concerning the Pioneer Bluetooth module and Windows Mobile.

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