Monday, August 25, 2008

Back too what works

So I have been watching what I eat for...well...a long time. I did weight watchers....which worked....when I worked in an office. Being on the go...not so much. When I was on the go.....Atkins worked. So I am going back to low carb. Eric has been on it for a few months and lost quite a bit. We did our food shopping tonight and I bought lots of low carb, low fatish (notice the ish) food to last a while. My challenge will be next week during my 4 day trips. I know on night one I stay in a hotel with a TGI Fridays which has low carb options. Night two is in Santa Barbara, California. That hotel has a very high carb breakfast so I will need to bring something with me. Night 3 is in Little Rock, Arkansas. There are a few fast food places near by that I can get some high protein, low carb meals. The hotel has a great breakfast...but the van time will be 5:30 which is way before breakfast is served. I will need to eat heavy the night before or hold off until I get to Chicago where I have an hour to find food before flying back toward Dallas. I plan on loading up on bars and snacks to get me by. I figure two to three weeks should allow for a good 10-15 pound loss. From there I will just maintain....that's one thing I am pretty good at.

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