Friday, December 14, 2007

Passed the check ride....

So I passed the check ride yesterday. I did very well. I made a few small mistakes....there is no such thing as a perfect check ride. I barely made it to the ride at all. All week long I had 2 PM in my head for the time to be there. Well I was eating lunch yesterday and decided to check my schedule to see what time I had to be there today (Friday). Well it's 2:30 PM show time for a 4 PM sim time. I then looked at my check ride....1PM show for a 2PM check ride! It was 12:45PM! I gathered all my stuff, hauled ass (legally) and walked in the door right at 1PM. The check ride started right away. I was nervous enough being late. We hopped in the simulator at 1:30PM and finished just prior to 3PM. All done. I now have second in command privleges for the CRJ 700 along with the business jet version of the plane. Today I go in for a 4 hour sim session involving a real time flight to La Guardia and Washington D.C. Ronald Regan airport. After today I have no idea what's next or when. I assume I will have a "base day" where I get my parking permit and get a tour of the terminal I will operate out of (Terminal B). I will then get two or three observation flights where I sit in the cockpit and watch the crew fly. Then I will be placed in the right seat to fly for real. I still have to buy luggage. Prolly gonna order something today.

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