Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cleaning house.....via eBay

So I am filling up a table with stuff that has to go. I am going to begin taking photos and listing items on eBay this evening. So what's for sale? Three General Motors keyless entry remotes (from cars I have owned), Jeppesen Flight Instructor video set, CX-7 flight computer, Matrox dual head video card, many laptop parts from Kelli's old laptop and, when I get it back my, Telex Stratus 30XT headset. I am sure there will be more.

Budgeting. I have never *really* set one before. I always spent money conservatively. Well I am going to have to budget on my meager salary. I earn a little less than 1/2 of what I did when I was at Pinnacle. With many set amounts (car payment, student loan for flying and student loan for college), it should be pretty easy to see exactly how much money I have left over. Should be fun.

I think my laptop is going out. Every now and then there is a burning smell from the back when I have it plugged in and charging. This can't be good. I am backing it up daily just in case.

My dieting is going well. I just have to resist the urge to splurge. I almost went out yesterday. Thankfully I told myself to save the gas. So I didn't. I then had a low fat organic hamburger (no bun) and a serving of tater tots. I haven't had anything fattening in over a week.

Time to get ready for the sim.

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  1. Haven't eaten anything fattening in over a week??..You mean besides the tater tots you had with that vegan hockey puck?