Sunday, December 9, 2007

No $ means no say

So Kelli changed our power company to Green Mountain energy. We used to have Reliant. Green Mountain Energy is supposedly better for the environment. They are also 4 cents higher per Killowatt hour HIGHER at CURRENT rates as is the rates that any schmuck can sign up for. The power bill that used to be $130 is now $150. It's all nice to save the environment, but the "good" we do with Green Mountain energy is almost assuredly negated by the amount of trash we throw out that could be recycled. Kelli recycles...but only the stuff that she chooses to. A lot is throw away that could be recycled. Kinda like ordering a Diet Coke with a Big Mac. I don't put any money towards the bills so apparently I have limited say. Really pisses me off though. I am really working on saving money. Delaying trips, buying food only on sale. I have reduced what I spend on food to less than $6 a day! But when you don't put in.......guess you have no say.

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