Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The most uncomfortable bed...almost ever

Kelli told me I didn't have to stay in the hospital last night as not much would be going on. Felt guilty leaving her here alone so I stayed. The chair the expands to a bed is one of the most uncomfortable pieces of furniture ever. I slept very little as did Kelli. More about that on later.

We are all teched out. We each have an Ipad. I have my Zune pumping out content to the TV. My Macbook Pro was being used to watch Boston Legal. Of course we each have a Nexus One. Between the two of us we could launch a Space Shuttle.

Working on something fairly cool. Should be able to show it off tonight/tomorrow morning.

Mother in law is here. She's really liking the Ipad and Word with Friends.

Good wifi here. Very speedy.

Looking forward to sleeping in my bed....oh and meeting my daughter.

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