Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The Mayans are pretty smart people. I think. According to their calendar the world will end in 2012. Maybe I should take advantage of this.

There are lots of no interest/no payment deals that go through 2012. Furniture stores are big on this. Maybe I should go on a spending spree and live it up. If the world does indeed in in will all be one big free adventure. If not...well..hmmm...Craigslist it all?

Even with the Ipad I carry too many gadgets. I carry the Ipad, Nexus One and a Zune. If Apple had a subscription music service I could ditch the Zune. Yeah I could download all the music illegally, but the legal way is just too easy. I also download a local radio show that is encoded in the WMA format...not compatible with the Ipad. Boo. Bleh. Blip.

We have HBO again. For a few months. Kelli can get her True Blood on. It's free for 3 months. No long as I remember to cancel (which I will as I set a Google Calendar event!).

Being a dad is great when you have an awesome wife and a too good to be true daughter.

Would have been nice to be in the cockpit for Natali's first flight. I will fly her around one day I'm sure.

Haven't been in my man cave in 2 months. I need to get that place in order.

Looks like I might take my FMLA right after Kelli finishes hers. I likely won't do a full 12 weeks, but enough to get through the end of the year and start day care in January.

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