Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Making mustard

Still enjoying being a dad...which is a good thing as the only way out is to pack up and drive to Mexico (do they have extradition rights?). Yesterday I found a good use for a sleeping baby. Ipad stand.

Amazon is proving very useful to get things we need. Simple things like a bottle drying rack. Yeah we could drive to Walmart/Babies R Us and buy one. But on Amazon they have a bigger selection and reviews...plus we save gas. Free two day shipping is the icing on the cake.

Looking toward Saturday we are going to buy a car seat bag in case we have to gate check ours. Amazon once again.

Had my first gag moment with Natali. Her stool has turned a mustard color. When she poops now I say she is making mustard.

She squirmed for about 10 minutes yesterday and I thought she was done. I had her on the changing table and was doing just fine until she started making more mustard right there. I had to hold her legs up and turn away. A few gags and dry heaves later and Kelli swooped in to finish the job. I am sure it will happen again.

Still digging the Ipad. The Baby Geek app is VERY useful for tracking just about everything with Natali.

Playing games less on my phone nowadays.

Started watching the "IT Crowd" again. Very funny.

We finished season one of "Boston Legal" also very funny.

Behind on my podcast. Will have plenty of time next week in Oregon.

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